Immigration Updates:

Things to Know About DACA 07/10/2020

It is hard to say and hard to hear, but we just don’t know yet. Since the Supreme Court case was issued, USCIS has not stated how it will proceed. While we wait the following are tips on DACA as it is right now:

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The Supreme Court declared that the Administration cannot end DACA in the manner it did. Exciting news for all Dreamers in the USA

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As of this date, all non-detained court hearing have been cancelled through June 29, 2020. Will keep you informed as news develops.

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4/21/2020 Suspending Immigration

President Donald Trump said Monday that he is suspending immigration to the United States in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the “need to protect jobs.” In a tweet Monday night, the president attributed the suspension to an “attack from the Invisible Enemy” and the “need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens.” Full coverage

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Keep your chin up

People living with with deportation issues their whole lives, live with constant anxiety. A worldwide pandemic just adds to it. Just know that even though I’m not in the ofc, I’m still answering messages and phone calls. 🥰

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